How to Get Spotify Premium for Free 2019
How to Get Spotify Premium for Free 2019

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free 2019

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How to Get Spotify Premium for Free 2019 – What comes across your mind when you heard about Spotify? Streaming app, practical, and money-spending are three things that best describe Spotify.

This online streaming application has been referred by millions of people throughout the world. Needless to say, the users have to consider using Spotify Premium since the free version is not so satisfying.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free 2019

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free 2019
How to Get Spotify Premium for Free 2019

If you wish to enjoy Spotify Premium features but are reluctant to spend $10 per month, you should know how to get Spotify Premium for free 2019. Why should you get Spotify Premium? Compared to the free version, Spotify Premium offers a lot of features that level up your experience of listening to the music.

You will be able to enjoy the features ranging from outstanding interface, wide array of music choices, discovery features, and so on. If you have decided to migrate from free version and get Spotify Premium, find out the easy way to get the premium app for free.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free Forever

Premium Features and How to Get Spotify Premium for Free 2019
Premium Features and How to Get Spotify Premium for Free 2019

So far, you might enjoy the features offered by Spotify free version. But, do you know this online streaming app has a lot of features than what you are having today? Spotify Premium is practical application that allows you to access from various devices ranging from iPhone, Android, Mac, or Windows.

Why would you stop there and miss the fun while you can enjoy all the convenient features? Some people think twice, three times, or even more to download Spotify Premium because it charges monthly payment.

Is it worth the money? Does it really offer amazing features to define new way of music listening? To convince yourself, take these features into your consideration. When you think they are worth trying, figure out how to get Free Spotify Premium Account in the next section.

  1. Offline listening

Offline listening
Offline listening

Sometimes you lost the signal and internet service is not available either. At the same time, you badly need to relieve your soul and listen to good music to boost your mood. What should you do? If you have Spotify Premium, it will not be a matter.

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Offline listening is an awesome feature that allows you to save favorite playlist or album and listen offline. Anywhere and anytime, your favorite songs will rejoice you. Needless to say, Spotify requires you to go online for every 30 days to make sure if you remain Premium member.

  1. High quality streaming

High quality streaming
High quality streaming

What do you think about the streaming quality offered by Spotify free version? If you are not satisfied, the only solution is migrating to Spotify Premium. The Premium version is suitable for any of you who want to experience high quality streaming. The songs run at 160kbps for Spotify default setting, while Spotify Premium runs at 320kbps. This is a great reason to find out how to get Spotify Premium for free 2019.

  1. Unlimited skips

Unlimited skips
Unlimited skips

Listening to a song that is not suitable to your current mood is annoying. That is why you have to skip and skip. Spotify free version allows you skip few songs when using shuffle selection. Meanwhile with Premium, it enables you to skip as many songs as you want.

  1. Ads free

Ads free
Ads free

Seeing ads on your screen is annoying. Especially when you are listening to a favorite song, the popping advertisement is the last thing you want to see. Spotify free version cannot do anything with this. And yet, Spotify Premium is the alternative to get rid of ads. You will have better experience in listening to the songs without ads.

  1. Unlock full features

Unlock full features
Unlock full features

It cannot be denied that Spotify is an amazing online streaming app that brings plenty of features, even for the free version. Wait until you see the features of Spotify Premium and you will make up your mind. Spotify Premium will unlock the full access, allowing you to enjoy much better features that are not available on free version.

Among its versatile features, listening to various devices is so awesome that makes it worth trying. For Premium version, Spotify offers 3 different subscription plans with distinct features as well as payment. The plans include Family Plan, Student Plan, and Trial and Promotion.

Family Plan charges you $14.99 per month and it can be used by 5 members at maximum number. As the most discounted plan, Family Plan is great since the more member joins, the less cost you have to pay. The second is Student Plan that charges you $4.99 per month.

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This is a special offer for students. What makes it better is provides subscription to Hulu and Showtime, too. The last but not least, Trial and Promotion is the best choice for Spotify free version user who wants to feel the experience through 30-day free trial. Your subscription will be renewed after 30 days, so you need to shut off the setting if you are not interested to join the Premium.

Free Spotify Premium Accounts and Passwords 2019

  1. Email:
    Password: HummerH2
  2. Email:
    Passaword: 1234567
  3. Email:
    Password: yerro1995
  4. Email:
    Passaword: tragiced32
  5. Email:
    Password: Futeki44
  6. Email:
    Passaword: 2eg54sfkmn

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free 2019 on Android and iPhone

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free 2019 on Android and iPhone
How to Get Spotify Premium for Free 2019 on Android and iPhone

Android and iPhone users know well how great Spotify online streaming app is. Most of them have this app installed on their smartphone, either free version or premium one. If you belong to the first group and are about to change your mind, you should know how to download the Premium application for free on Android and iPhone.

Migrating from free version to Premium is actually easy, yet it requires several steps to follow. Here, you will figure out how to get Spotify Premium for free 2019 without jailbreak. But before downloading on your devices, make sure to connect the smartphone with internet.

The device must be fully charged for smooth downloading process. In case you already install Spotify app, make sure to uninstall the program. The last one, prepare USB cable if you are iPhone user.

  1. How to download on iPhone

How to download on iPhone
How to download on iPhone

To download Spotify Premium for free on iPhone, you have to follow these steps:

  • Access Safari browser and download TweakBox as app installer. After downloading, install the application to your device.
  • Open TweakBox and search for Spotify++.
  • To download Spotify Premium for free, click Install.
  • After downloading Spotify, open the app. Your screen will show Untrusted Developers Message. Go to Setting, tap on General, and choose Profiles in order to trust the developer.
  • Spotify Premium without jailbreak is ready to enjoy.

As alternative, you can also download the application with Cydia Impactor. For this, you need to prepare USB cable and connect the iPhone to your PC. After that, follow these steps:

  • Download Spotify app and Cydia Impactor to your PC.
  • Decompress the Cydia Impactor file in a new folder. After decompressing, open the folder and get the app. Open by right-click and click Open.
  • Drag Spotify app on to Cydia Impactor and click Start that you can find on the right side. You have to provide Apple ID as identification and to prove that you are not robot. After entering the ID, click Enter.
  • Click OK and you will see Spotify Premium on your home screen.
  • Open the app and it will show Untrusted Developers Message. Click Setting, then click General, then Profiles in order to trust the developer.
  • If necessary, reboot the device.
  1. How to download on Android

How to download on iPhone
How to download on iPhone

Get to know how to get Spotify Premium for free 2019 on Android without jailbreak below and follow the steps:

  • Go to Setting, then tap on Lock Screen and Security to enable Unknown Sources,
  • Open any browser, download Spotify Premium and install on your Android smartphone.
  • Now you can enjoy the app with premium features.
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As alternative, downloading modified app is also a great way to enjoy the Premium features without paying a dime. To get modified app, do not refer to Google Play Store because you will not find it there.

You have to access the browser and get modified Spotify which is compatible with your Android version. Before enjoying the app, make sure to uninstall the official Spotify so that it will not cause crash on your device.

After downloading modified Spotify, open the app and log in using Spotify credentials. Now you can enjoy some premium features. Needless to say, modified app may not offer as many features as official one. For instance, it provides unlimited skips and allows you to select specific tracks but it does not provide high audio quality by default.

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Free Spotify Premium Account 2019

You have to pay to enjoy this feature. How to get Spotify Premium for free 2019 through this way is easy, yet you might find it is unsatisfying. Have you decided to migrate to Premium version? Spotify is indeed interesting app with great features that live up your day.

It defines the experience of listening to favorite songs. In case you want to enjoy the Premium app without paying a dime, knowing how to get Spotify Premium for free 2019 is what you really need. Either you are iPhone or Android user; these methods are recommended for you.

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