How to Ask Rich People for Money Online 2019

Ask Rich People for Money Online 2019 – People have different financial situation in this world. Wealth distribution seems not quite fair because only few people have vast wealth and financially stability. On the other hand, many countries are still underdeveloped with high poor rate.

How to Ask Rich People for Money Online 2019

Ask Rich People for Money Online
Ask Rich People for Money Online

However, charity and donation emerge to distribute and help those who cannot afford to stay at basic living. Today, you can find many rich people who donate and give away their money through many ways. So, how to ask rich people for money online? Well, internet is the simplest way to give money, gather fund, and donation globally.

Why do they throw money to people they don’t know? You should know few things regarding money and wealth. When people are called rich, it is does not mean the money is unimportant for them. In fact, some of them still concern about luxury thing, but have conscience regarding others. When money becomes easy to get, they want to spend wisely to help people.

Best Ways to Ask Rich People for Money Online

Best Ways to Ask Rich People for Money Online
Best Ways to Ask Rich People for Money Online

Rich people helping the poor ones are usual thing to do. On the other side, there are many people who are not poor because they are still capable to fulfill the basic needs. However, they have to struggle in area that impacts the entire life. For example, people can rent apartment or own home, but they use the loan from bank. Unfortunately, they have issue to pay mortgage.

Besides, money is needed to start business or venture in new market. They might try business loan from bank or credit union. However, new business or a start-up company is not favorable to finance through this method. The last resort is to ask rich people for money online. Below list helps you to know ways to get money from rich people through online.

  1. Direct donation


Direct donation is usual way to have money directly from charity organization. Many non-profit organizations and charity foundations use money from rich people. Fund is collected then distributed to certain communities. Unfortunately, donation from such organization has to follow the rule and regulation.

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To overcome this situation, rich people also consider direct donation. It is like giving money to homeless in the street. There is no official event or any regulation to follow. When seeing people in need, they give away money directly. Moreover, by using online media, you can ask for donation. Send the email and your personal request to rich people.

It seems easy, but there is no absolute guarantee to get money immediately. However, this method is much recommended if you are definitely in need, but not receive support from charity foundation.

  1. Crowdfunding and venture capital

Crowdfunding and venture capital
Crowdfunding and venture capital

Do you know about crowdfunding? It is term in business field where raising money to fund company. In past time, people in the same community put their money then invest in specific business. This is old example of crowdfunding. Money is not from one source. Why is it legitimate process related to ask rich people for money online? Those people who put money are in rich category. They want to invest, but not directly as loan.

Besides crowdfunding, you can get money via online though venture capital. In simple term, it is private equity that finances business, either new company or expanding market. Venture capital has flexible regulation since the money is not from financial institution.

Rich people use this way in order to spend their excess saving to invest in particular field. Using online method, entrepreneur and venture capital can meet to do business together.

  1. School tuition


School tuition is also a part when you ask rich people for money online. It is only for students with financial issue. Keep in mind this is different from scholarship. Students need to fulfill document and fulfill application in order to receive scholarship.

On the other side, you do not need such complex procedure to get financial support as school tuition. It is similar to direct donation, but only for study and related fee. You may ask directly with email or forum about your difficulty to pay tuition. In addition, money is also useful to pay off the school loan.

  1. Social media

Social media
Social media

When discussing about giving money online, you cannot forget social media. Nowadays, you can know easily what your friends and family do from their social media account. Furthermore, many people also share their situation that needs money.

For example, you have project to build clean water system and require donation, but the proposal is rejected. After trying to send email directly to rich people, you do not get any answer and response. To solve this situation, just create social media account and share your objective.

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It helps to attract attention and lead to the possibility for having new financial support. Besides, social media helps rich people to communicate with you quickly and directly without barrier.

  1. Online fundraising


It is another word for crowdfunding. However, it is in not in the same list because it’s in different objective. Crowd funding is closely related to business field. On the other side, online fundraising focuses in charity, environment, and philanthropy areas.

You can use website or online platform to gather fund from various sources. Most of them have no issue to contribute in term of money. You can find many websites that let their members to put money for specific purpose or project. This is the example of online fundraising because everything is done not by meeting eyes to eyes.

  1. Personal loan

Personal loan
Personal loan

Using website, you will know the address and personal website of rich people. In the same case, social media is not enough because the needed budget is extremely huge, even for online fundraising. One solution is to send request for personal loan.

Rich people still hesitate to put money in area where they have big doubt. Instead of giving away, they consider to give personal loan. It is a new way to ask rich people for money online. This loan has no rate, so you pay as equal to what you get at the initial loan. There is also website that provides personal loan to people in need.

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Things to Make Sure before Ask Risk People for Money Online

Well, internet provides possibility to do and get many things. There is people who need money and give away money. Both live far away in different country or continent. So, how do they communicate? One side tries to reach and share about distress situation.

Another side wants to contribute and put money to help. This sounds promising, but not as simple as it seems. There are several aspects to know before you ask rich people for money online.

  • Honesty

First thing is about honesty. Scam, fraud, and false stories are common to find. You do not know whether the story is true or fabricated. Rich people may do not worry about losing money, but they have vast experience in this area. If you are truly in need, state everything honesty without boasting unnecessary words. People value your honest words and situation. When asking about money, of course polite word is ultimately important.

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Just remember this thing is quite sensitive. If you use social media, honesty seems something that cannot be ignored. When people detect the odd situation, there is no further way to extend for obtaining money anymore. That’s why honesty is high value in social media, crowdfunding, and online fundraising.

On the other side, you should keep privacy and sensitive material only for particular people. If the money is for thing that brings controversy, there is the right to keep secret from public. However, honesty is still necessary to people who give the money to you.

You cannot do this method in social media, but only in personal loan or direct donation. Some websites gives utmost privacy that lets members to explain everything only for specific people.

  • Detail budgeting

Next thing is detail budgeting. When posting inquiry for fundraising, the project leader has responsibility to explain in detail what money will be in use. People want to know that the project is real with no false planning. Every activity has specific allocation. Detail budgeting is also important as a part of financial transparency. You have responsibility to describe and explain everything.

Financial transparency is different in term of responsibility and accountability. Rich people might not care about this thing. They only want to help others and not involved in this aspect. As long as there is no fraud, everything is in proper order.

It is different when having money from fundraising. For personal loan, there is agreement between people who receive and give money. This kind of agreement is private and secret.

Online method helps to find people who have willingness to give away their money. Internet provides big opportunity to get and give money for better purpose. Besides, do not forget about manner and attitude. Use proper words and try to be as polite as possible. Those are the secret to ask rich people for money online.

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