Free iTunes Gift Card Codes 2019

Free iTunes Gift Card Codes 2019 – Everybody around the globe knows iTunes and loves it. Listening to your favorite song and arranging your very own playlist is getting easier with iTunes. Thing is just getting better since you can also get free iTunes gift card codes 2019. Through this way, you are allowed to access iTunes such as playing music or make purchase without being charged.

Free iTunes Gift Card Codes 2019

Free iTunes Gift Card Codes 2019
Free iTunes Gift Card Codes 2019

In other words, the gift card is what you need to enjoy the facilities of iTunes for free. How to get iTunes gift card? How to use it? Considering convenience it offers, getting free gift card code becomes one of most popular searches on Google.

Actually, iTunes gift card can be redeemed for store credit. Once you are trying to redeem the card, you are required to provide the redemption code. The code is typically available on the back of the card, therefore simply gently scratch or peel off the back of the card.

There, you will see 16-digit of code. The followings are some ways that you can try to get free iTunes gift card codes. The redemption process is quite simple, as you can choose either to use camera or redeem manually.

5 Ways of How to Get Free iTunes Gift Card Codes 2019

Free iTunes Gift Card Codes 2019
Free iTunes Gift Card Codes 2019

Before going further, it is better to know what iTunes gift card is, in case some of you are not familiar with the term. What is actually iTunes gift card? What does it offer to the users? Basically, iTunes gift card is a card which can be redeemed for store credit.

Once you have sufficient credit, you can purchase anything you want on iTunes. Because of this convenience, people are looking for some efficient ways to obtain iTunes gift card for free.

Is it legit to obtain free iTunes gift card? This question is frequently asked by those who plan to get free gift card yet do not want to take unlawful steps. The truth, earning free iTunes gift card codes 2019 is legit as long as you want to take some of these ways.

There are many websites or promotional contents that offer iTunes gift card codes. The users only need to do certain things such as taking surveys, watching videos, giving opinions or comments on specific things, and they will receive gift card as the payment. What are they? Take the following ways to obtain your free gift card codes on iTunes.

  1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie

The very first way that will lead you to free iTunes gift card is Survey Junkie. By signing up the survey, you will be eligible for payments that include PayPal cash and iTunes gift card right after accomplishing the survey. This is so much fun as you only need to watch fun videos and take surveys.

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Survey Junkie usually spends 5 to 10 minutes each day. All you have to do is waiting for the survey jobs to come, join the survey, and earn $50 per month for PayPal cash or iTunes gift cards.

If you have quite spare time, this method is suitable for you. Since the survey can come anytime, including during your lunch break or TV commercials, you can join the survey with ease.

Do not worry about the survey since it is commonly about entertainment; sometimes you only need to watch videos and take the surveys. At the time you wish to get free iTunes gift card codes 2019, visit the official website of Survey Junkie and join the surveys.

  1. Swagbucks


Do you love to kill the time by watching videos, doing web searches or playing games? Then this is your way to earn free iTunes gift card code. Swag bucks is a platform that allows you get iTunes gift card conveniently through doing web searches, shopping, watching videos, playing games and other fun activities.

Swag bucks provide various denominations for each activity, ranging from $5 to $50. If you do not really like to take surveys, Swag bucks is the most tempting solution for free gift card codes.

  1. eBates


You can also earn iTunes gift card through shopping! eBates is an online market that provides cash back which can be redeemed for iTunes gift cards. Each online purchase that you make on eBates, you will be eligible for cash back.

Unlike the other promotion that provides cashbacks with several terms and conditions, eBates offer highest cashback for anyone. No more wasting time to check random sites before shopping.

Once you visit eBates and sign up the link, there is reward of $10. How many sites offer this kind of convenience? This is surely one of preferred method to earn your free iTunes gift card.

  1. Ibotta


This is another way to obtain iTunes gift card with ease. Ibotta is an application that offers cashback for every purchase of featured grocery items including eggs, milk, bananas, and others. The cashback that you earn can be redeemed for free iTunes gift card codes 2019.

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This is suitable for those frequently make purchase for grocery items. You have nothing to lose; otherwise, you can get double benefits when taking this method. The more you buy grocery items, the more cashbacks you earn. It means the more gift card that you can redeem.

  1. Harris Poll

Harris Poll
Harris Poll

Just like Survey Junkie, Harris Poll is another survey website that provides iTunes gift card as the payment. How it works is typically the same—you need to take surveys and earn gift card in return.

You do not need to take whole days. Harris Poll requires only few days of a week to fill out the paid survey. Therefore, this method is just suitable if you have other works or activities since Harris Poll will not take much of your time.

How to Redeem Free iTunes Gift Card Codes 2019

How to Redeem Free iTunes Gift Card Codes 2019
How to Redeem Free iTunes Gift Card Codes 2019

What to do after getting iTunes gift card codes? This also becomes one of problems encountered after earning gift cards. There are several steps to do when it comes to redeeming your gift card.

The first and foremost, you need to make sure the gift card has redemption code on the back of the card. The code is typically covered by label, therefore you need to peel off or scratch the label. The followings are things to do to redeem the free iTunes gift card codes 2019.

  1. Prepare your gift card and find the redemption code by peeling off or scratch the label. Right after getting the codes, do the next step.
  2. Using your iPad, iPhone, or iPhod touch, access and open the App Store application.
  3. Tap on Today, then tap profile logo on your screen. It is usually in the upper corner on the right.
  4. Find “Redeem Gift Card or Code” and tap. You will be directed to another page that requires you to sign in with Apple ID.
  5. You can use camera to redeem the gift card. In case you want to perform this, tap on Use Camera. Follow the instructions on the screen and capture the code.
  6. Please note that code redemption using camera might be unavailable for certain regions or countries or older cards. For this case, you have to enter the code manually. Tap on enter code manually then follow the instructions.
  7. Tap Done to finish the process.
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Redeeming free iTunes gift card codes 2019 is so much easy today. You can make redemption through steps above for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. However, you need to take different way for Mac or PC. In case you want to redeem the gift card on Mac or Apple PC, follow the steps below:

  1. On your Mac or PC, open iTunes or App Store.
  2. If you access App Store, sign in with Apple ID, click your profile (name or photo), then click Redeem Gift Card.

If you access iTunes, choose Account, then select Redeem. You will be redirected to sign in page. Sign in with Apple ID that you have.

  1. You are also allowed to use camera for Mac or PC redemption. Simply click Use Camera and follow the instruction. The camera will scan the redemption code and proceed the redemption.

For some reasons such as old gift card or limitations of locations, camera redemption is not available. Therefore, you need to redeem the code manually. Peel off or scratch the label and you will find the code. Enter the 16-digit code on the back of the card. Once you are done, enjoy the iTunes at its most.

Earning iTunes gift card for free is definitely simple. It does not require complicated steps, as long as you want to do a little bit of work. Take for example, Survey Junkie allows you to earn free iTunes gift card codes 2019 conveniently.

All you need to do is taking the surveys or watch video and you will earn cash for iTunes gift card. Or else, you may also choose Ibotta that allows you to get gift card after making grocery purchases. What can be better than this? Go grab your phone and get your free iTunes gift card right away!

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